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Core Collection Mini Tins

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We know it's hard deciding on one scent.

So, we are making it easier for you to test the scents you would like to try from our Core Collection in our Mini Tins

The box includes 3 120ml Candles, and you can select the scents you would like to try from our Core Collection. The candles will be sent out in a letterbox candle. 

To select your scents, please comment on the checkout page which scents you would like to try. 


The Scents:


Brings a truly relaxing experience in any room combining sweet mandarin droplets with the woody aroma of Sandle Wood and the delicious dark aroma of Black Musk to create a unique scent experience.



Inspired by the luscious mountain ranges of Iceland. A unique blend of woody fragrances sits alongside a light lilac to create a sense of being surrounded by Iceland's serene lakes and idyllic green mountains.



A twist on a classic scent that will fill your space with luxury and opulence. Rich Labdanum is combined with sweet Citrus, peppery Basil to bring a full scent experience to any space.



Inspired by the scenes of a middle-eastern bazaar, notes of vibrant Moroccan spice combined with mellow Tobacco scents create a unique scent that brings a warm and smokey essence to any room.



Tells the story of lazy, hazy summer evenings spent by the crackling of the campfire. A unique blend of crispy freshly cut grass acts as the top note and then this combines with the deep scents of Oakwood with the pure elegance of sweet Peony to create the feeling of long warm summer nights.



A unique blend of sensual and rich Jasmine combines with the comforting yet slightly exotic Vanilla to create the sense of strolling through the Italian countryside.



Brings the perfect combination of truly homely scents. Capturing the comforting essence of ‘fresh from the washing line’ linen combined with the homely smell of Grandma’s freshly baked apple pie with a mouth-watering blend of apples, cinnamon and sweet brown sugar.